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We offer you insights, reviews and links to the best and cheapest website hosting services. Do you need shared hosting? A dedicated server? We can recommend the service in Kenya, and outside, that will suit you and your business best. Web Hosting Kenya aims to be knowledge hub for all domain registration and web hosting needs, specifically, in East Africa and Kenya. Our article section is constantly growing, with the goal of bringing you up-to-date, relevant, useful information regarding web hosting services and domain registrars in and around Kenya.
Keep browsing for cheap and reliable web hosting plans! Finding suitable low cost web hosting is not an easy task. We’ve compiled a list of hosting services. Our list compares the best hosting services and most affordable web hosting available in Kenya! Apart from tips for finding cheap and affordable domain registration and web hosting services in Kenya, our guide will also point our other parameters to consider – customer and technical support offerings, reliability, various benefits which come with hosting packages and more. We collected all the info you need in order to make a smart and informed decision.

Also visit our Article section for more tips regarding web Hosting in Kenya - news, statistics, articles and everything you need to know. We go through regular efforts to expand and enrich our article section, so please feel free to come back every once in a while and check for updates. Please contact us if you feel there's anything missing, if you have an idea for a new article or if you want to submit an article of your own.You can visit our FAQ section to learn more about the different hosting and domain registration options available to you. Let us know if this section of our site leaves any questions unanswered, or if there is any part of our explanatipon which is not clear enough.
And if a free website is something that might suit you, you can also look for tips on how to open one in our free website section. Keep in mind that this option might not fit everyone, especially businesses that need a flexible site, which might be required to expand with the business.Don’t forget to visit our sales page and check if there are any new and hot hosting deals waiting there for you. You really don’t want to miss out on a deal that might save you significant amounts of money. We update this site regularly with articles, hosting deals and fresh information regarding web hosting services in Kenya. And most importantly – welcome to Web Hosting Kenya, and good luck with your new website!

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